Immaculate Mali

Mali is a multimedia artist living and working in Kampala. Her work revolves around personal narratives related to life in home country. She creates precarious installations in an attempt to digest the pain of childhood incidents and offer perspectives on human resilience and what can be overcome by representing pain as an emotion that can be touched. Mali graduated with a Bachelor’s in Industrial and Fine Arts from Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University (2013). Her work has been included in group exhibitions and festivals such as: the Kampala Contemporary Arts Festival (2014); the travelling exhibition Kabbo Ka Muwala ( The Girl’s Basket) in Harare, Kampala and Bremen; and workshops including: AtWork Kampala Chapter (2015) with Lettera 27, KHOJ International Artists Workshop in Pune Maharashtra India (2015), and the 5th ÀSÌKÒ CCA Lagos International Art Programme, Maputo Mozambique (2015).

Nationality: Ugandan